Behind the Camera

Tate Drucker is an American photojournalist, covering issues of humans and wildlife across the globe.

Originally from New York, USA, Tate's work has brought her to over 80 countries around the world, and her photographs have been published with more than 300 global publications, including National Geographic, The Washington Post, The Nature Conservancy Magazine, and more.


She received her B.A. in Photojournalism from San Francisco State University before moving abroad to Mozambique as her East Africa base. Tate has been awarded numerous awards over the years as she's worked as a prolific NGO and news photographer. She's also worked extensively in the travel and tourism industry, designing and leading photography workshops in countries such as Peru, Arctic Finland, Morocco, Botswana, Mozambique, Namibia and more. Her travel photography and writing has been featured by Ethiopian Airlines, Turkish Airlines, and Singapore Airlines inflight magazines, as well as BBC Travel. 

In the Press

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